We are here for you in these times of uncertainty

, Free Email Builder and Resources for the Time of Emergency

Many teams, including ours, have opted for a remote work setting to ensure everyone’s safety.

We understand that for many of you, this unexpected situation means sending out unforeseen email campaigns, which is more difficult now more than ever, with team members working separately.

These are the ways we aim to help make your job easier:

1. Free access for organizations and communities responding to the emergency

We are offering free access to the Pro Team plan with 10 seats worth of monthly $400 to any organization & community regardless of whether or not they’re involved directly in the defense against coronavirus.

If you think your organization need Chamaileon to create emails faster send an email to hello@chamaileon.io or click the button below.

  • governmental organizations
  • educational organizations
  • healthcare institutions
  • non-profits
  • churches
  • communities

2. Enable real-time collaboration for all of our customers

All of our paying customers get instant access to our real-time collaborative email design editor feature.

We hope it helps you create email campaigns faster in response to the current events.

3. Free email templates to respond faster in emergency

We have compiled a collection of free email templates that can be sent out to customers and subscribers during emergencies: event reminders and cancellation, webinar invitations, product (campaign) launch emails, etc. – All editable and downloadable for Free.

Staying at home, helping your community as much you can, and taking care of your loved ones should be your first priority like it is ours. Stay safe!